Sln farm lands


Come, let us Celebrate Farming at Farm Plots at JP Dargah, Bangalore Highway.

SLN Farm Lands is the closest farmlands to Hyderabad with excellent connectivity. Enjoy Weekend farming and integrated farming experience. Nurture the nature and teach your kids how to enjoy the countryside.

Own a piece of agriculture land inside RRR (Regional Ring Road) Purchasing the Farm lands for sale from SLN Ventures in Hyderabad is one of the best investment opportunity. Your real estate investment is in a growth corridor with plenty of developments. SLN Farm Lands is located near JP Dargah abutting Bangalore Highway. The project has been set up at a land rich in resources like abundant water, naturally nutrient rich soil, apt climatic conditions, easy access to farming. This project deals with sustainable Farming & varieties of fruit plantation along with longterm plantations of Red sandal / Srigandham.

 SLN Farm lands in Hyderabad is the closest farm lands in upcoming development region of Hyderabad inside RRR (Regional Ring Road) SLN Farms is coming up in a peaceful and pollution free environment. Due to the close proximity to city limits you can go for construction of a beautiful farmhouse of your choice anytime. You can convert your farm land to a residential plot (DTCP).

Why you should invest in SLN Farm lands:

Maximum benefits can be realized by customers through our CACP Concept

There are various sizes of Farm lands available for sale so easy to choose depending on your budget

People who can’t afford to purchase enough agricultural lands can easily buy Farm lands from SLN Ventures.

For example 5 Guntas (605 Sq.Yards) Farm plot may have approximately 50 Plants (Red Sandalwood + Srigandham) and 100 Fruit Plants

SLN Farm lands will be the place to get away in weekends or pleasant longdrive to your farm just after Hyderabad. So free yourself from the difficulty and pick the best farmhouse land for you and your family to consume the quality living, to experience farm picnics with your family and friends.

Project Highlights

24×7 Security with Solar Fencing

30 Feet Roads


Drip Irrigation

Organic farming using bio fertilizers and total plantation maintenance by company

Plantation supervision by Agriculture Experts

Location Highlights


Investing in Farm lands is a mixture of all the best things real estate can offer. Farm land in Hyderabad as property can earn more returns than the regular plotting. Farm lands will earn additional income from farming in addition to regular land price appreciation. If you are exploring for a Farmhouses space or farm land for Sale n Hyderabad then your search ends at SLN Ventures.