It is indeed hoped that this coming festival season the Indian Real Estate will be on an upward swing and the road to revival. 

The game players are as usual being optimistic about bountiful purchases in the market. For such occasions, it is quite advantageous to look up Huda plots for sale in Hyderabad.

It is a well-appreciated fact that based on traditional beliefs, festivals and auspicious days have proved to be preferred occasions in India for making important investments in real estate. This does involve hmda ventures in Hyderabad as well. 

Potential homebuyers do usually opt for the festive season as they feel the investments would be secure and profitable. These interested buyers do come across lucrative offers during the festival season and obviously, the sellers will go all the way out to woo these buyers. This is so in the case of Huda plots for sale in Hyderabad as well.

Nevertheless, this coming festive season is likely to be different. Unlike earlier years, the number of new launches will in fact remain low on account of the ongoing pandemic. To assess, it is necessary to take into consideration the views and opinions of several leading developers across the country. 

What do they have to say?

A luxury segment to gain prominence 

Ram Raheja, Director of S Raheja Realty hopes for a 20% rise in demand for premium properties. In fact, he does foresee a promising festive season, focusing on the luxury segment as pent-up demand caused by the lockdown gets released.

In fact, there has been an increase in the number of inquiries for luxury villas as well as properties in the smaller villages of Goa which has been revealed by Goa-based Bennet & Bernard. 

Offers galore on ready homes 

Since new launches have taken a backseat, developers have laid focus on existing inventory. No stamp duty and registration charges, move-in-now, and pay later approaches have been adopted, and also no GST does appeal to the purchasers and these are part and parcel of properties that are ready for sale. 

Much emphasis is being given to the possession or ready-to-move-in inventory this festive season with an option being provided to move in now and pay later concerning all projects that are being promoted by the Wadhwa Group.

What is to be grabbed?

Similar to earlier years, the real estate developers have made their offers more attractive by encouraging discounts and other offers such as no GST, waived registration, and no stamp duty charges. Other attractions offered are concerning consumer durables, home furnishings, gold coins, among many others. 

No doubt, such small discounts, and offers should not simply adhere to such offers but need to focus more on real financial benefits. 

Will Festive Season Revive the Indian Real Estate Sector?

In fact, it is interesting to note that Mumbai-based Vijay Khetan Group has come up with a special offer to acknowledge the efforts of medical practitioners, police force, army, municipality workers, government employees, and all essential service providers. Their offer is related to a high-end residential complex whereby people can book home by paying just Rs 1 along with 2% stamp duty. 

As far as offerings are concerned, Anuj Khetan, Director, Vijay Khetan Group is of the view that in such challenging times, the COVID fighters are rather prioritizing safety over their own and also ensuring selfless services. 


The question that arises is whether real estate fortunes will revive this festive season? Prashin Jhobalia, VP Marketing Strategy, House of Hiranandani is optimistic as he feels that the forthcoming festive season will play a crucial role in providing a thrust to the real estate sector. This also applies to Huda plots for sale in Hyderabad.

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