rus has had a negative impact on real estate. People do have
an interest in open land for sale in Hyderabad and many prefer to buy plots in Hyderabad as it is profitable to do so.

India has stated its vaccination drive and it is hoped that its impact will be positive on the residential real estate segment, the sector that does employ the largest number of unskilled workers. In fact, much is

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It is hoped that the economic activity will again gain momentum in the second half of 2021. Amidst the launching of the inoculation program, there has been a slight indication of an economic revival in relation to
property estate although the negative impact of the Coronavirus will be Therefore at 2 to 3 years perhaps.

The negative impact of Coronovirus on real estate

The Coronavirus outbreak has no doubt led to the decline of the economy and also negatively impacted consumer spending. No doubt in In recent times the key markets in India have started to bounce back, in spite of the overall setback caused by the pandemic since March 2020.
The real estate sector has much potential to employ people and the highest number of unskilled workers in the country is in this sector.
India’s economy has had a setback and it will take time to recover completely provided another outbreak may lead to its rolling back progress. People do want to buy plots in Hyderabadbut the pandemic
has had its impact on the purchase habits of buyers.
India’s gross domestic product growth has contracted as the pandemic severely affected the manufacturing and services segments.

Extent of a setback to the economy

Global agencies and think-tanks have no doubt forecast a much steeper contraction of the economy. India does remain the fastest-growing large economy in the world.

The World Bank Global Economic Prospects estimates claim that India’s economy will contract by 9.6% in the financial year 2021, and there will be a drastic decline in household spending and private investment. Growth is no doubt expected to recover to 5.4% in 2021. The International Monetary Fund has also of course projected India’s economy to contract by 10.3% in the financial year 2021, forecasting an expansion of 8.8% next year.

Indian housing market’s initial reaction to COVID-19

No doubt, the real estate market scenario has undergone much change since the Coronavirusoutbreak. in December 2019, despite countries applying extreme measures in order to contain the pandemic,
businesses did come to a grinding halt all over the world, thus forcing monetary agencies to slash growth forecasts for the global economy, which includes India as well.

More about adverse effects of Coronavirus

No doubt, the adverse effects of the pandemic are being felt across the world and varying opinions have emerged on COVID-19’s impact on the real estate sector.
In India, the economic contraction did indicate a delayed start to recovery, a prolonged lockdown — which started from March 25, 2020, and was later extended till June 7, 2020, thus causing much concern in
the real estate industry.

In India, the economic contraction did indicate a delayed start to recovery, a prolonged lockdown — which started from March 25, 2020, and was later extended till June 7, 2020, thus causing much concern in
the real estate industry.

As is evident, research agencies do predict a near-term halt in the growth of real estate in India.
The lockdown virtually brought to a standstill most of the economic activity in the country, thus negatively impacting the real estate. The adverse impact of the Coronavirus is indeed visible on housing sales in the last quarter of the last fiscal as March is usually one of the biggest months for sales. Buyers have been showing interest in the purchase of open land for sale in Hyderabad.
 It may be known that India’s commercial segment will face a setback due to the virus attack.


The Coronavirus has indeed delayed recovery despite various government measures to revive demand, even though, right now, it does not seem like prices will go down immediately. Indian real estate is
the second-largest employment generator.
There has been a  demand slowdown in the residential segment which has affected negatively housing sales, project launches, and price growth in India’s residential realty sector.

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