Real estate ventures in Kothur are excellent and buyers can seriously consider investing in them. Open plots in Kothur Hyderabad are available at reasonable prices.

The real estate development in Hyderabad has shown an upward trend and the city has become more accessible. The suburbs are well located for residential development. Kothur is now the upcoming residential location in the popular Hyderabad suburb. It is worth looking into real estate ventures in Kothur.


Kothur is situated 36 kilometers southwest of the state capital Hyderabad. Kothur is a small village in Mahbubnagar district and is a promising real estate destination for its green cover and land availability. Kothur is located close to Bangalore-Hyderabad Highway so connectivity to the Hyderabad city center does not seem to be a problem. This region is mostly surrounded by industrial developments and is far from the hustle and bustle of the city. Kothur is suitable for mostly plotted developments due to the vast stretches of land availability.

Kothur has sub-localities such as Kummariguda, Rangapur, Fathimapur, and Nandigama. Residential plots with gated communities are coming up.

A property buyer can look into open plots in Kothur Hyderabad.


The area is a thriving industrial hub and top-notch industries are located there. Kothur from a remote area is turning out to be a busy area now. It is a very good infrastructure and transportation facilities. The social infrastructure is worth taking note of. There are several educational institutions such as schools and colleges and some are very well known and popular schools. Besides these, there are independent clinics and diagnostic centers, and other healthcare facilities. Kamineni Hospital and Basavatarakam Indo American Cancer Hospital and Research Institute are situated at a 40 km distance from Kothur.


Kothur turns out to be a growing residential locale as it is well connected to the city of Hyderabad. People residing there have access to all facilities in the city. Railway connectivity is good and the international airport can be accessed easily also. Therefore course more roads to be laid so the approach to Kothur will be easy. Kothur does not have much traffic.

Why Kothur Is A Good Investment Hub?

Plots in Kothur

Most of these plots happened to be either approved by Hyderabad Metropolitan Development Authority (HMDA) or by the Directorate of Town and Country Planning (DTCP). The locality also has few Gram Panchayat-approved plots.

The sizes of the plots available vary from 100 to 300 sq yards. The plots which are approved by HMDA and DTCP are part and parcel of gated communities and have all facilities, such as drainage, water, and parks, electricity supply, parks, inner roads, etc. 

The locality certainly has more investors and is developing the required basic social infrastructure, like schools, hospitals, banks, etc. 

It is interesting to know that there is land available close to the airport as well, but they are not actually HMDA or DTCP approved as they do fall in the restricted zone. On the other hand, Kothur in fact does not fall in the restrictive zone as well as developers and investors are indeed allowed to construct the building as well as houses here.

Developers do hope much development will take place as soon as the Government at The Centre responds accordingly. People are no doubt keen to invest provided development zooms ahead.


Kothur is no doubt a place that people would like to settle down and lead a peaceful life. It is in fact known for its real estate business and therefore it is best to pay a visit to the place. Open plots in Kothur are plenty to choose from.

The real estate development in Hyderabad has grown tremendously and there is much to choose from. The suburbs of Hyderabad like Kothur are places a person can seriously consider investing in as the infrastructure is good. The focus is on residential development. Kothur happens to the upcoming residential location in the Hyderabad suburb.

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