Buyers do prefer Hyderabad real estate as they can choose their dream homes. Real estate in Hyderabad is worth considering. Clients do opt for real estate in Hyderabad as quality homes are available.

For people who prefer to buy a property for an investment purpose, it is a good idea to invest in the ground floor of the high-rise building as it is considered to be the best floor. This is so in the case of Hyderabad real estate as well.

The construction of high-rise apartments with nearly up to 40 floors has indeed become a common practice in several metro cities.

The high-rise building needs to have proper water cum sanitary mechanism to ensure that it does not lead to water seepage as well as dampness in the long run. The higher floor does of course provide a better view than the lower floor…

Often it is a difficult decision for several homebuyers as to which floor is the best for selecting their dream home. The

population of India is increasing rapidly and various city realtors prefer to vertically accommodate the growing number. They are developing high-rise buildings, both in luxury cum affordable categories, to reach out to a large number of home buyers across different income groups.

The major benefit that the high-rise towers tend to offer their residents is a respite from the traffic noise as well as pollution of the city.

Buyers of real estate in Hyderabad are very choosy.

Which floor to opt for in high-rise buildings?

How to decide which floor?

Great Rental returns

The lower floors do attract greater rental returns as residents usually y have an affinity for staying closer to the ground. If the client is purchasing a property for an investment purpose, the ground floor is the best in high-rise buildings.

Sense of Privacy

Lower floors are often congested and also might not offer much privacy. If a person prefers solitude and wishes to avoid any sort of unwanted intrusion, a higher floor might the best choice.

Natural lighting

As the height of the tower tends to increase, so does the natural lighting cum ventilation. Buying a home on the higher floors does imply better light cum breeze, and lower electricity expenses.

Cityscape View

Higher floors do indeed offer a better view of the city’s skyline, especially so if the tower is located close to a scenic place. It is better to opt for higher floors then.​ The sight from the windows and balconies of the higher floors homes often determines their price. Beach views, hill views, and pool views happen to be a few of the luxuries occupants of high-rise apartments can enjoy. If the view does matter to you, then choose higher floors for one’s dream home.

Energy consumption

As the home is located higher, the power consumption also increases. It is so as there is a need to run the air-conditioners (AC) for a longer time during summers. Also, drawing water via motor pumps can be another heavy power consumption task.


Since happens to be easier for anti-social elements to break into lower or sub-level apartments, ground floors do pose a comparatively increased crime risk. On the whole, it also much depends on the structure of high-rise buildings and the security measures that have been adopted by the management of one’s residential society.

Floor plans

A high-rise home does not mean the client compromises on the fundamentals. Even if the home is higher up, beautiful home does require a good floor plan.

Easy access

Waiting for the elevator can be time-consuming and living on the ground floor or sub-floors means it is possible to take the stairs.

Consider the family

If having children or elders, the lower floor is a better choice. If suffering from mobility issues or another family member then the ground floor is better to choose.


Thus several factors come into foreplay when choosing the ground floor or upper floor of a high-rise building. Real estate in Hyderabad do focus on these factors.

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