Vastu Shastras has certain guidelines for the purchase of open plot ventures in Hyderabad and buyers need to apply the same yardstick while buying open land for sale in Hyderabad.

Vastu Shastra is considered for buying land to ensure positive energy in one’s space. The same applies to open plot ventures in Hyderabad.

Vastu Tips for Buying Plot or Land

Ideal Plot Shapes

Square Plots are ideal for purchasing commercial and residential properties. It is ideal to choose the northeast or East facing or north-facing square plots for good returns.

Similar to Square, rectangular plots do bring completeness to a residential stay or commercial space. The same applies to open land for sale in Hyderabad.

Vastu Shastra tips on Land Cut-outs

The northeast corner is a lucky corner based upon Vastu Shastra for the purchasing of land. If the plot has a cut on it aside, it is believed to be inauspicious for any purpose. The owner may not experience progress in life.

For residential purposes, a cut at the northwest corner does highlight sickness in one’s family. If the estate is for commercial use, and a person may not come across profitable growth.

The south-west cut does bring unnecessary pressure in life. It can be in the form of relationships, jobs, health, money, or can perhaps cause psychological issues.

Vastu does state that the Southeast cut can be an obstruction in one’s life. This fault can lead to poverty, disease, and loss to the family or business. In the case of a commercial plot with a southeast cut, it is better to try to fix it with Vastu remedies.

Vastu Tips for Selecting and Buying Plot/Land

Other Vastu tips for plot selection – Land Shapes

This shape as per Vastu Shastra for purchasing land is broad at the front but narrow towards the end. It is similar to a lion’s body structure. Vastu views these Shermukhi Plots as a means for fortune.

The ideal position of the plot needs to be-

The Cow Shaped properties represent a cow. Vastu refers to it as Gaumukhi Plot and states that it brings much luck to the owner. As the cow is a holy animal by Hindu tradition, these plots are ideal for any purpose.

The ideal positioning of the plot –

Vastu states that the Gaumukhi plot as being inauspicious when the narrow end is facing the east with front-facing roads.

Vastu Tests for positivity of the Land

This test begins by spreading Basil seeds on the ground. In the next step, a person can hold water and let them germinate. Basil is a propitious plant, full of positivity.

To conduct this test, it is better to remove the top layer of the soil and dig some from the lower level. If the soil smells bad, the land is of destructive energy.

 Vastu Shastra says if land smells organic and sweet, it is ideal for purchase.

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