The focus on efforts to buy plots in Hyderabad is based on Vastu and even farmland for sales is sold similarly. Investors want plots that will bring in good fortune.

Vastu is kept in mind for buying plots and soil that smells of decaying matter is avoided. If the plot is rather full of rocks, worms, thorns, bones, or other inauspicious substances, it is also avoided for purchase. Investors do want to buy plots in Hyderabad.

Vastu Guidelines

Vastu Tips for Buying Plot or Land

Ideal Plot Shapes

Square Plots are ideal for purchasing commercial as well as residential properties. It is ideal to select northeast or East facing or north-facing square plots for good returns.

Similar to Square, rectangular plots do ensure completeness to residential stays or commercial spaces.

Vastu Shastra tips on Land Cut-outs

The northeast corner is acknowledged as a lucky corner based upon Vastu Shastra for the purchasing of land.

For residential purposes, a cut at the northwest corner does highlight sickness in one’s family. If the estate is for commercial use, a person may not come across profitable growth.

The southwest cut rather brings unnecessary pressure on life. It can be in the form of relationships, jobs, health, money, or can even perhaps cause psychological issues.

Vastu states that the Southeast cut can be an obstruction in one’s life. And lead to poverty, disease, and loss to the family or business.

Vastu Tips for Selecting and Buying a Plot, Land in Hyderabad

Other Vastu tips for selection of pot – Land Shapes

Vastu Tests for positivity of the Land

The Water Test

Seed Germination Test

This test does begin by spreading Basil seeds on the ground. Basil is a propitious plant and is full of positivity.

Test for Smell-Taste-Color

To carry out this test, it is better to remove the top layer of the soil and also dig some from the lower level. If the soil smells awful, then it is of destructive energy.

 Vastu Shastra states that land smelling organic and sweet is good for purchase.  Farmland for sales is also decided upon by Vastu.

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