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Real estate is a very useful asset as an investment for the short term and also for long-term purposes. Property is one of those few assets, which can indeed offer one’s returns that are higher than the inflation rate. However, only a modest part of the population tends to manage to invest in real estate, out of which only a few people can understand how the property market works and what leads to price appreciation in the property market.

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Infrastructure development

Infrastructure development is a very important component in price appreciation. New connectivity, transport, road, or transit hub, will indeed prove to be growth promoters to the property value.

Upcoming or available amenities

The property does require having certain amenities such as a parking space. This does affect the value of the property as it spikes. Upgrading the property with better amenities does help increase the value of the property such as having a basement garage a mini terrace garden or a kitchen lawn. Also, the architectural design, upkeep as well as interiors of the property, do play a pivotal role in price appreciation.

Top factors that appreciate the value of one’s property

Policy changes

One major policy that directly impacts real estate appreciation is lending rates. The cheaper cost of borrowing does bring more buyers to the market, creating much more demand as well as appreciation. Also, reductions in stamp duty rates, circle rates, income tax benefits, GST rates, income tax benefits, etc., do directly impact demand.

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Economic situation

A country’s economic condition also plays a vital role in property appreciation. If the inflation rate is high, the value of money will reduce. This implies that a builder requires spending more on input items such as construction materials, labor, permits, etc. Of course, this does not imply that the property prices will rise, despite growth factors. For prices to grow, properties need several requirements, which do include accessibility, infrastructural requirement, and availability of residential properties.

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 Other Factors

 1. Demand and supply

Wherever there is increasing demand for homes in a certain area, property prices tend to go up in case the number of residential real estate projects that are being built to meet the demand is not indeed is not developing fast. People do pay more as they prefer to live in a particular locality.

2. Fiscal inflation

Inflation is n account of excess money being in circulation, which means the value of money becomes less. When this occurs, the prices for several input items such as the cost of land, construction materials, construction labor as well as statutory building permits, also tend to increase. Inflation is not due to increased property prices in a given area if the location happens to be of inferior quality in terms of poor accessibility and social as well as civic infrastructure.

3. Cost of borrowing (interest rates on home loans)

The upward or even downward movement of home loan interest rates does have a direct correlation to real estate appreciation.

4. Property market drivers

 The desirability of property depends upon:

Population growth

The growth of the population depends upon the increasing demand for housing there.

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