Pharma city Srisailam highway is investor’s and buyers delight. Farmlands are also worth investing which are located in the vicinity area. Property in this area is valuable.

Srisailam Highway happens t be a fast-growing residential venue and is situated at Plots South East Zone of Hyderabad. It has become popular for infrastructure development and has led to the boom of real estate in its vicinity. Pharma city Srisailam highway is also known for this. Properties in Srisailam are several in number and many are on the verge of completion as well as occupancy. Builders are trying their level best to bring in quality constructions to meet up to the expectations of future residents. The focus is on commercial complexes which include supermarkets, schools, restaurants, fitness centers, and even banks apart from many more. The home buyer is much interested in investing in these constructions. As part of ongoing work, several new projects are also on the anvil.

Open residential plots located at Hyderabad Pharma city are indeed very popular to purchase and are worth investing in. Golden Dream City Projects are part and parcel of efforts to build vibrant real estate companies that have their roots in South India. Also, investments are made in approved gated community open plots for sale at Srisailam Highway. Farmlands can also be thought of as viable investments at Srisailam Highway.

Srisailam Highway happens to be a fast-growing residential hub. It begins at Hyderabad and ends at Tokapelle road in Andra Pradesh. It does house developing regions such as Barkas, Tukkuguda, and Venkatapuram.

Located in the southern part of Hyderabad, Srisailam Highway is a fast-growing residential hub. It starts at Hyderabad and ends at Tokapelle road in Andhra Pradesh. It houses developing regions such as Barkas, Tukkuguda, and Venkatapuram.

Commercial complexes, including supermarkets, schools, restaurants, fitness centers, and banks, are many thus making the Srisailam Highway properties very lucrative.

Features of Srisailam Highway Pharma city properties

Things to remember of Srisailam Highway real estate

Locality Neighborhood

Educational Institute

Transportation Hub

Shopping Centre

Siddivinayaka Planet Fashions

Nearby Localities

Commercial Hub

There are a few unique facilities such as Club House, Outdoor Tennis Courts, Gymnasium, etc. in these projects as compared to other projects present on Srisailam Highway. It does sound very enticing to invest one’s money.

Timely benefits, Pharma city Srisailam highway plots

Why choose Srisailam Hhgway Pharma City vicinity?

After the prolonged slump caused due to the global recession and later by political turmoil, Hyderabad’s realty market is up again. Hyderabad, real estate is buoyant and thriving and the economy consists of a dynamic workforce, which is favorable to the buyer’s market. The thriving IT/ITeS industry has rather provided an impetus to consumer trends, evident from the growing demand for residential, commercial, and retail spaces in Hyderabad.

As compared to the other metros, housing in Hyderabad is relatively affordable. On account of political uncertainty, land prices in Hyderabad have indeed remained stable.

Srisailam Highway benefits are in the form of its proximity to the Rajiv Gandhi International Airport and other developing regions such as Barkas, Venkatapuram, and Tukkuguda. On the social infrastructure front, Srisailam Highway is well supplied with entertainment avenues, and the general and physical infrastructure of the region is of course adequate.

With several SEZs being planned along Srisailam Highway, the locality is developing at a very fast pace. As of now, several developers have indeed launched a wide spectrum of quality projects which are catering primarily to the middle-income segment. The area is certainly exposed to strong real estate activity.


Srisailam Highway happens to be a perfect destination for long-term investment. Pharma city Srisailam highway is undoubtedly the place to invest judiciously.

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