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The state government recently did announce a hike in property prices by 25-50%. While the values of residential apartments have been increased by 25%, the agricultural lands cum plots are bound to witness an uptick of 50% in their given price.

But the stamp, as well as registration fee, has remained unchanged in Telangana. At present, the stamp duty is about 4 percent, property transfer tax is 1.5 percent and the registration fee is 0.5 percent of the registration value. With regards to the land value, the market value of the land is normally much more than the registration value. Best real estate companies are based in Telangana and provide the best deals to clients.

Based on such norms, neighboring Andhra Pradesh revised the land values seven times in the last eight years and also did increase the registration fee to 7 percent. Similarly, the registration fee is 7.5 percent in Tamil Nadu as well as 7 percent in Maharashtra.

The Telangana government has rather raised property prices by 25 to 50 percent throughout the state.

The trek does vary much depending on the type of land. In comparison to agricultural fields, residential flats, as well as plots, have seen a lesser growth. The approach is rather expected to close the gap across free-market pricing as well as government-mandated registration rates.

The pricing changes do influence the real estate markets, particularly all across Hyderabad. Market prices in Shankarpally, for instance, have rather increased by 40% to Rs 2,800 per square yard. The tariffs at the Kondapur-Gachibowli micro market have now indeed been raised from Rs 14,000 to Rs 26,000 per square yard. Likewise, in Kokapet, housing costs have rather been reduced to Rs 14,400 per square yard, down from Rs 10,000 previously. Puppalguda, on the other hand, has had the largest increase of 50%, with new market prices being set at Rs 21,000 per square yard.

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To determine the magnitude of the rise, state authorities have separated properties into three parts. Whereas the increases for apartments cum plots would indeed rather be 25% as well as 35%, as well as agricultural fields would rather experience a 50% hike. This has been the approach to all property price changes.

Developers in Telangana are much concerned about this decision, which does happen to occur after a recent increase in stamp duty payments. The stamp duty was indeed increased from 6% to 7.5 percent. Telangana does expect to increase its earnings from property registrations within the state.

Property Value in Telangana on the rise!

Effective February 1, 2022, there has rather been a revision in the market value of property in Telangana, following the Telangana Revision of Market Value Guidelines Rules. The market value of the property for agricultural lands, open plots as well as flats, has indeed been increased by 50%, 35%, and 25%, respectively. Market value in Telangana was earlier revised on July 22, 2021.

With the changes occurring in the market value of the property, those clients who have rather booked slots for registration from February 1, 2022, had to come for registration only after they have paid the difference amount. Also, registrations pending as of February 1, 2022, have to rather pay the revised charges before proceeding with the registration.

Market value Telangana certificate

IGRS Telangana issues market value certificates that do tend to provide information on the market value of the property. This certificate is indeed very useful for people who want to sell their property and hope for an approximate value that they can expect from their respective sale.


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