Farmlands near Hyderabad are very popular investments as they are valuable in terms of profit and vicinity. Farmlands in Hyderabad are known for their closeness to popular venues such as educational institutes and the IT corridor.

People are interested in purchasing farmland or plots in Hyderabad to build their dream homes. There are several locations to help a person find the best that fits their respective needs. These locations in Hyderabad do offer more than just land to build one’s home. They do provide top-quality services such as security, water supply, electricity, etc. Farmlands near Hyderabad happen to be great investments with lucrative returns. These do include DTCP and HMDA plots for sale in Hyderabad.

Where can farmlands in Hyderabad or plots be bought?


The area does fall of course under Patancheru Mandal of Sanga Reddy district in the western region of Hyderabad, closer to Outer Ring Road (ORR).

There has indeed been a rapid increase in real estate prices over the past some years.  With all major commercial as well as residential areas, including Shankarpalli, BDL Township, Patancheruvu, RC Puram as well as Gachibowli, Bhanur has indeed excellent connectivity. For those on the search for the best place to buy land in Hyderabad, Bhanur is rather turning out to be a preferred investment destination. Lands here do include both DTCP and HMDA plots for sale in Hyderabad.

Sanga Reddy & its Surroundings

Sanga Reddy town and its surrounding villages such as Kandi, Nandi Kandi as well as Sadashivpet have indeed seen rapid growth in the real estate market. The region has rather seen several open plot ventures in recent years and several are in the pipeline. Farmlands near Hyderabad in this area are indeed worth a lot.

The proximity to Patancheru as well as educational hubs such as the prestigious IIT Hyderabad in Kandi does tend to make this region suitable for investment in residential real estate.

Shankarpally Surroundings

The area does fall under Ranga Reddy district in the western region of Hyderabad. Shankarpally surrounding villages such as Ramanthapur, Fathepur, Yelwarthy, Macharlagudem, Yervaguda, and Pervada Khalsa have seen several open plot ventures in recent years. Suburbs are known for farmlands in Hyderabad.

The developing suburb of Shankarpalle has the added feature of outstanding infrastructure and functional urban connectivity.

Ghatkesar & Its Surroundings

Situated in the East of the city, the area does lie on the Hyderabad-Warangal Highway road. Farm Land can be had in and around Ghatkesar Mandal that include Ghatkesar town, Kondapur, Padamatisaiguda,

Bokkoniguda, Ghanpur, Chandupatlaguda, Ankushapur and Aushapur. Those located inside ORR include areas like Annojiguda, Pocharam, Yamnampet, and Narepally.


This area is very popular and situated inside ORR in the South-East part of Hyderabad. Adibatla is the venue for Tata Aerospace SEZ and is being projected as the next IT hub. The area has indeed been providing solid returns on investment and is expected to turn into Multi-folds in the future.

Choose the Best Farmland near Hyderabad to Buy Dream Home

Patancheru Surroundings

Patancheru surrounding areas outside ORR are also fast-growing investment zone located in the North West Zone of Hyderabad. Being in proximity to the mainstream areas, surrounding villages such as Muthangi, Indresham, Isnapur, and Rudraram have of course acquired a lot of traction of late for new open plot venture sales.

The area around Isnapur as well as Patancheru has rather good connectivity to the city, and several industrial projects have been planned that would rather make it an easy investment choice. For those looking for the best place to buy land in Hyderabad, Muthangi, Isnapur, Indresham as well as Rudraram are much-preferred investment destinations.


Shadnagar is considered to be a rapidly growing residential area, situated close to Hyderabad International Airport. It is close to mainstream areas and there is much infrastructural development creating a boom in real estate.


Kothur has been acknowledged as a fast-growing residential area, located close to Hyderabad International Airport on the Hyderabad-Bengaluru highway. Lands here include both DTCP and HMDA plots for sale in Hyderabad.

Medchal & Its Surroundings

Medchal and its surrounding villages including Gowdavelli, Kistapur as well as Athivelli are other long-established real estate growth zones in North Hyderabad located outside ORR.

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