The land purchase has to be done carefully even if it is only a piece of the plot. Plots for sale in Hyderabad are worth looking into as well as plots for sale in Kothur.

Prior to making land purchase it is important to seek an analysis of a few aspects of the purchase itself. There are plots for sale in Hyderabad and it is important to be careful while purchasing one.

1. Ensure That the Seller Actually Owns the Land

Even if a person is very keen about purchasing the piece of land, yet he or she needs to confirm if the seller/builder actually owns it or not. Many sellers are frauds. It is important to ensure that the seller has the legal rights of selling it. Plots for sale in Kothur be considered. 

2. Check If the Owner Opted For a Loan To Build That Project

It is important to check with the owner to see if they had taken a loan in order to build the project on the piece of land. If so it means the project has gone through legal checks and the bank has granted the loan. Do check out and see if the loan has been repaid or else the deal will become more complicated.

3. Check the Floor Space Index (FSI) of One’s Plot

Prior to the construction of the house, it is important to have a proper appraisal of how much land is required for construction. In order to get that idea, it is necessary to enquire about the Floor Space Index (FSI) of the plot. It primarily depends on the location of the plot. 

4. Ask For the Non-Agricultural (NA) Order

It is equally necessary to know that all land in India is agricultural land by default unless the government has listed it for some other purpose. While purchasing a plot of land, it is absolutely essential to enquire if the plot being purchased is non-agricultural. Plots for sale in Hyderabad are in the offing.

5. Check History of the Land

It is important to check the ownership of the land in the past decade. The ownership needs to be properly passed on and there should be no gaps in between. This will indeed ensure that there are no disputes over the land in the future.

6. Find Out When the Sale Deed Would Be Made Available

It is better to avoid simply trusting the ‘agreement of sale’ document as it does indicate a person is a valid buyer. It implies that the buyer and the seller have both agreed to the terms as well as conditions. Therefore, it is important to get hold of the sale deed, which is a legal proof of the sale. In order to get it, it is important to register the sale in the sub registrar’s office. Once it is completed a person will become the legal owner of the plot.

A 9-Point Checklist to Buying Land/Plot in India

7. Calculate the Annual Maintenance Charges Of the Plot

It is also necessary to pay for the maintenance of the plot/building for the upkeep of various facilities such as gardens, water, security, etc. 

8. Is The Plot Well Located?

The location of the plot is also of much importance as one might want to resell it in the future. For good resale value, the plot needs to be well located and is on a flat piece of land without small hills.

9. Check or All the Basic Amenities

Before signing the sale deed, check out the basic amenities. These include water, electricity, the roads around, security, and fencing of the plot. It is important to have a reliable power supply and good connectivity to the city.

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