Vaasthu needs to be kept in mind if a person would like to buy properties in Hyderabad and the same applies in case a person would prefer to buy plots in Hyderabad.

Rather than merely being made up of brick and mortar and another ornamental interior decor, one’s home is full of threads of dreams, hope, love, as well as nostalgia. It is a place a person comes back to after a tiring day. The home décor is important as it makes a person’s home an abode of positive vibes and a place to lift as well as recharge one’s spirits. 

It is but obvious that as a person spends valuable time at home, it is important to have proper Vaastu Shastra, which literally is part of the “science of architecture” involving five basic elements of life such as air, water, earth, space, and fire which help in the flow of positive energy at home. Of course, people like to buy properties in Hyderabad, but while purchasing they need to keep in mind the Vaasthu of these properties. Buy plots in Hyderabad which follow the Vaasthu Shastra in every sense of the term.

To buy properties in Hyderabad, it is also important to ensure their Vaasthu or positive energy flow.

What entails Vaasthu?

1. The entrance

The door happens to be the entry point of all energy of one’s home and according to Vaasthu north or northeast is the best direction for the home entrance. Unlike common practice, the placing of footwear rack or garbage bins near one’s entrance is not permitted in Vaastu as it is believed they tend to block positive energy.

2. The bedroom

The ideal location for the bedroom is the east or south-west direction but avoid placing the bed pushed against the wall. Also, to ensure positive energy as well as good health in one’s home, a well-lit room with a good supply of fresh air is a must. 

3. Knick-knacks

A nameplate at one’s entrance, an idol or sculpture located in the hallway, and wind-chimes at the door are believed to attract positive energy as well as good luck, according to Vaastu.

4. The power of water

Paintings highlighting the scenic views of the river, flowing water, or even goldfish on the wall do bring good luck and wealth to one’s home and life. An aquarium in the room is no doubt the easiest Vaastu tip to cut off any sort of negative energy in one’s home. It is better to make a fountain or any other form of flowing water a part of the home decor to ensure a flow of positive energy according to Vaastu.

5. The kitchen

The kitchen does need a proper placement as per Vaastu home décor as it contains the two opposite forces of nature, fire as well as water. It is necessary to place the sink as well as stove at opposing ends to avoid a collision of the elements. 

6. Walls, curtains, as well as potted plants

Light, as well as pastel colors in the walls and curtains, do help to maintain a peaceful as well calm environment. Vaastu places restrictions against colors such as black and red which tend to raise the internal temperature of one’s home as well as one’s spirits. It is good to keep potted plants wherever it is possible to welcome fresh air, lively home décor, and positive vibes in one’s home.

7 Vaastu tips to fill one’s home with positive vibes

7. Mirror, mirror on the wall

Another easy Vaastutip for one’s home is to add mirrors wherever it is possible to introduce positive energy or vibes in one’s home. Mirrors do reflect vibes of goodness into all nooks as well as corners of the house thus filling one’s home with peace, luck as well as prosperity.


It is better to buy plots in Hyderabad that are based upon Vaasthu. The positive energy in the homes is necessary for better health both physical as well as emotional.

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