Moving to a new home during Covid 19 needs to be carefully planned and executed. Also, there are the best plots for sale in Hyderabad but it is necessary to screen them.

In case of planning to move during a pandemic then obviously certain precautions need to be taken. It is no doubt not so easy to move at such times. It is necessary to protect oneself against COVID 19 while packing and working with movers.

Even while considering the purchase of the best plots for sale in Hyderabad, the situation of the pandemic needs to be considered well. To buy plots in Hyderabad as restrictions are being eased out, precautions cannot be overlooked.

What needs to be kept in mind?

Here are a few things that need to be kept in mind while shifting home during a pandemic :

1. Stock up on disinfectants, wipes, and sanitizers are necessary to keep one’s hygiene in check regularly as it cannot in any way be compromised during such difficult times. It is better to have required hand sanitizers, disinfectants, wipes, and masks while moving. Keep them handy.

2. Sanitize the boxes timely

Spray disinfectant on all the boxes and sanitize them well before loading them on the pickup truck and taking off for final destination. It will bring down the levels of risk of contraction via surfaces. Best plots for sale in Hyderabad can be considered while shifting.

3. Make sure everyone wears a mask

Masks need to be worn by every family member as well as the drivers and men who come to assist in shifting. It is important to ensure this. The face mask needs to be clean and needs to cover the nose as well as mouth properly. Make sure that there are extra for emergency purposes. Masks have proven to really of much use to reduce the risk of contraction of the coronavirus by curbing sneeze, cough droplets, or even droplets while speakings well as breathing.

4. Safe Zones

Before shifting, it is better to make sure that the place that is to be shifted to is not a containment zone and also that it does not have a containment zone close-by. It is better to research and find out about the density of cases in the area in case a person is planning to shift to before moving. It is advisable to shift to zones where it is relatively safe to live and proper precautionary measures can be taken.

5. Go Digital

It is possible nowadays to complete most of the procedures digitally. It is better to take a virtual tour of the place and complete most of one’s paperwork digitally. It makes much sense to avoid physical contact with too many people and also sort out matters on phone. This helps to avoid physical contact.

All doubts can be cleared and terms and conditions settled digitally. Prefer making use of digital modes of payment over cash for any transaction. Available technology makes t more convenient to take on tasks and helps make processes easier and safer.

While moving it is also better to follow social distancing norms and have a safe shifting experience!

6. Wash Hands

This needs to be done properly and soap and clean towels can be provided. 

 7 things to consider while shifting during pandemic

7. Do the Legal Leg Work

It is better to take time out and deal with the legal work related to the shift.


Thus moving home is a challenging task during Covid times and it is necessary to take required precautions to ensure that the family is not exposed to the pandemic. The shift has to be planned well and also executed well and a digital approach can be taken to deal with various processes involved with the shift. 

Deal with the situation carefully and ensure that the required precautions for controlling the spread of pandemics are taken. 

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