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Home buying happens to be a big financial decision. Do new home buyers want to know why a home is an asset? Should they look at it as a short-term or perhaps as a long-term benefit?

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There happens to be a frequent debate occurring between people. There are in fact two sides to every coin and this applies in the case of home buying. One side does agree that buying a home and giving it for rental purposes does yield long-term benefits. While the other side of the coin points towards the fear of investing and a person thus feels being on rent is indeed more beneficial.

Short term or a long term benefit of buying a home:


1. Freedom –

Short Term Benefit – some people, who feel on being rent means freedom as there is no home-loan issue, although it is not so. The rentals tend to increase on a yearly basis and finally, the person will end up paying more without even owning the home. It is better to avoid such short-term benefits.

Long Term Benefit –Owning a home is preferred. The home can be modified as per one’s desire. By taking a decent home loan, the interest would turn out to be lesser than the rentals. There is the freedom to have one’s own freedom to keep the pets and no need to follow the landlord’s rules. The value of the property keeps appreciating and will become a valuable physical asset in the future when it needs to be sold.

5 reasons whether home buying is a short or long term asset

2. Taxation –

Short Term Benefit –In case of paying rent, then there may not be taxes to be paid as money is being added to the homeowner.

Long Term Benefit –Owning a home does provide many advantages including taxes. In case a person is spending anything on one’s home as an investment, there will be tax incentives as long-term benefits.

3. Raising a family –

Short Term Benefit –A rented home may not be the best option for raising a family. Shifting from a particular rented home to another is difficult.

Long Term Benefit –Own home will provide a longer-term benefit. The family will not have to shift from one home to another rental home. The children can make their neighbors their friends for life. The wife can design the interior and grow a mini-garden inside one’s house. A family member will feel more stable.

4. Investment and Stability –

Short Term Benefit –Staying in a rental home can never help a person in looking at real estate as an asset. Regular rental payments have to be made. This will never mean stability to one’s income in the future.

Long Term Benefit –after purchasing a home, it turns out to be an asset as a home loan is being paid for. The value of the home will keep on increasing even while paying up the home loan.

5. Future Options –

Short Term Benefit –The rented property will never indeed be considered as one’s own investment and this brings does make a person fearful about not having any tangible assets.

Long Term Benefit – Owning a home clears the future by having stability in one’s life. The foreseen future, as well as the emotion of coming back to one’s own home, does provide a sense of security. The home can also be placed on rent and thus the owner can get added income as rent. It means monthly income plus the value of the home going up.


This is what buying property means and living only in a rented home. The top 10 real estate developers in Hyderabad can do the needful.

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