Real estate purchase will be favorable in 2020 as buyers will benefit in case they pay much attention to all aspects of the purchase. Investments need to be done carefully.

There is much to focus this year 2020 as far as buying homes is concerned. It is hoping to be a better year. The previous year did witness several major announcements that affected the real estate sector and the home buying process.

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Key aspects and events related to the realty sector in 2020 are:

1. Choosing the right developer and project

Choosing the right developer and project is crucial for homebuyers in 2020. The developer’s track record and financial credibility, are important considerations when looking at a newly-launched project.

2. Timing the market

The market does, of course, continue to remain attractive, in terms of pricing. While ready-to-move-in properties and those that are close to completion do remain preferred options, this inventory is also slightly expensive and does constitute a relatively smaller proportion of the overall residential market. Quick action is required. Attractive prices, discounts and payment plans for new launches are highlights and do continue to be the norm. This happens to be the sole criteria for choosing a project.

3. Budget versus size

Focus is on the conducting of proper due diligence of one’s finances and budget, while also keeping in mind the most appropriate apartment size and configuration that does serves the purpose. Make the optimum choice. If the budget happens to be a constraint, look for starter homes for smaller family sizes, which does allow a person to buy now and upgrade later. Do look at affordable homes on offer. Some of them are opted by private developers and are targets for the middle-income class and offer decent amenities in the given price bracket.

5 Lessons for home buyers while buying a home in 2020

4. Choose the location smartly

Property seekers need to take note of the fact that projects do differ, in terms of offers, on account of the location, ticket size, and specialization of the property. Properties that are located in areas witnessing steady growth or in emerging areas, will indeed have more attractive offers for buyers, as compared to properties in developed areas. In fact, at times, even banks and other financial institutions may provide benefits, in the form of a lower rate of interest for home loans and flexible payment schemes in order to ease the buyer’s purchase experience. Real estate companies in Hyderabad, top real estate companies in Hyderabad do focus on these issues.

5. The right mix of loan and savings

Home loans are at their cheapest in a decade and therefore it is possible to maximize the loan eligibility, rather than depleting the savings. While most banks do lend up to 6-7 times the income, this does not mean that one should over-stretch the finances. Servicing the debt after spending on household expenses, need not become difficult for a person and should leave room for savings. It is important to choose the right product, in terms of ticket size. Banks have linked their home loan interest to the repo rate. So there is an immediate benefit when the interest rate is falling. In case, the interest rate moves upward, then, one needs to pay higher EMIs.

A home purchase has to be carefully done and one needs t go into all aspects of the purchase on hand. Investment needs to be done judiciously. It is important to focus on all aspects of the purchase in order to get a good buy.

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