While purchasing a home it is important to keep the Vasthu in mind. In case of a farmhouse for sale near Hyderabad, Vasthu also needs to be looked into.

Homes are considered to be good investments and the purchaser while purchasing ensures that the Vaastu is alright for a perfect home. A new home has to meet up to one’s expectations and also bring good fortune for the homeowner. The purchaser has to know what to keep in mind in terms of things and their location in the house and the construction of the home itself, thus keeping the Vasthu requirements in mind.

There are of course 5 major tips that need to be focused upon to ensure Vaastu Shastra compliance in one’s home. Although a person may not believe in Vasthu yet the resale value of the home is better if Vasthu is kept in view. The value will go up tremendously.

 1. Bhoomi Pooja: 

To begin with if you are laying the first brick of one’s home in a plot then a Bhumi Pooja or worshiping of the earth is indeed important. It is necessary to feel happy about the stay in the home and ensure much comfort.

2. Entrance: 

Sun God is worshipped and since the sun rises in the East, and looking towards this side is auspicious. So the main entrance needs to face East. It is supposed to bring forth positive energy to the house and thus happiness does prevail in one’s home. It is better to avoid a property that has a door facing South West as it is the entry of the devil energy and brings in struggles as well as misfortunes. However, if your home’s main entrance is already facing South West, then it is better to fix 2 Hanumanji’s tiles with the Gada in his left hand outside the door. This would ward off all the evil.

3. Bedroom:

The main bedroom or the master bedroom should be situated at the South West corner of an East facing home. However, bedrooms located in the West or South West is not bad either as it does promote material gains to the owner. If a persons’ businessman or a stockbroker a master bedroom in this location is advised. Bedrooms in the North-West does increase support for the owner from his family, friends as well as society. Avoid the bedroom in east-south-east, west-north-west, south-south-west, south-east, north-east, and north-north-east directions.

4. Kitchen:

This is another most important aspect of one’s homes as the food a person takes does affect one’s health. According to Vaastu food needs to be facing the east. The South-East corner is the best for a kitchen. Naturally, it is important that the construction of the house should be in a manner that ensures that the Kitchen though in the East should not be directly in front of the main entrance.

5.  Toilets:

Bathrooms/toilets can either be on the West or North-West part of the home. It is advisable to have toilets located in the East or North-Eastern side of the house. Lastly, it is better to set the bathroom windows in the North or East sides as the morning sun falling on the body after a bath is considered to be good for the health.

5 Important Vaastu Tips for One’s Home


Such measures are taken while constructing the home does help a person to live comfortably. Even while purchasing an already constructed home it is important to keep these aspects of Vasthu in mind. Also, washbasins need to be kept out of corners of the house and a puja room in the northeast is preferred.

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