Open lands in Hyderabad are worth investing but it is good to check out on Vaastu and other issues as well. Investors want to buy open plots in Hyderabad as they are good investments.

Purchasing or investing in a plot has to be done carefully as it happens to be a major investment.

It is important to understand the best buy is important. Much cost is involved and naturally, it is good to seek proper advice before investing in an open plot. Interested buyers can seriously think of investing in open lands in Hyderabad.

Buyers of the open plot need to consider the Vaastu of the open plot and other issues like:

1. Preparing a checklist before buying the plot such as legal issues, exact legal heirs of that plot. Certain aspects need to be checked to buy a plot.

2. Geographical surrounding effects on the plot

3. Level of the land as well as roads around the plot.

4. Purchasing the new plot is extended to the existing plot

5. Carefully observe if the plot has any street focus.

6. Does the plot have any water bodies nearby, find out where they are situated and how they are rather affecting environmentally to the concerned plot.

7. Does the selected plot have any nearby apartments, if so in what direction.

8. It is important to observe how many roads tend to lead to the selected plots and what they are.

9. It is good to carefully observe the access road to the concerned plot. Such minor issues may create legal issues, which may cause mental torture in the future.

10. What are the degrees of one’s selected plot, it is 90° or tilted or even skewed.

Any decision to build a home starts with the selection of a plot. The selection of the plot should be such that it should be compatible with Vaastu principles. People want to buy open plots in Hyderabad, but they need to keep certain issues in mind.

How to choose an Open Plot?

Do’s In Buying Plots

1. If a plot happens to have a Northeast extension then residents can purchase it.

2. In the case of two roads such as North road and east Road, it is better to consider this as being an auspicious plot.

3. Southwest to Northeast sloppy lands are healthy.

4. West to East land sloppy are favorable plots

5. South to northland sloppy plot is proficient.

6. If there is a water creek or perhaps water bodies towards North direction then it is supposed to be an advantageous plot.

7. If happens to be a water body towards the East direction then it is granted to be high-grade.

8. Water body towards Northeast is considered to be one of the best features in Vaastu.

9. Hills or mounts or Hillocks or even mounds or elevated lands, apartments, towards South is said to be great financial strength to the given plot.

10. Elevated areas, hummock, hump projection lands apartments, hump projection lands, fully loaded tall trees facing towards Southwest is excellent.

Dont’s In Buying Plots / Which Plots Should Be Avoided

1. Do not purchase the plot which has a Southwest water body.

2. West water body plot is considered not to be too good.

3. Having water bodies towards the South direction is judged to be the worst.

4. Water body towards Northwest is not profitable.

5. Southeast water body is not practically benefited.

6. Hillocks towards the Northeast are in fact treated to be evil plots.

7. Having elevated lands or Mountains towards the east direction is considered to be financial as well as health destructive plots.

8. Mounds, hills, heavy rocky lands, huge apartments towards the North are iniquitous plots.

9. A plot having Eastern Southeast Street Focus is considered to be a sinful plot.

10. Having Southeast Street Focus is termed to be unsolved issues creating plot, at any cost don’t buy such plots.


All these aspects need to be kept in mind while purchasing open lands in Hyderabad.

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